Our all-in-one development platform provides Web3 developers with easy-to-use RPC node service, a wide range of APIs, analytics tools, and business insights as a reliable infrastructure.
  • Node


    Access a variety of blockchains through our reliable RPC node service, Node API, eliminating the need for your team to maintain endpoint nodes. Node API connects you to Klaytn, Ethereum, and BSC, and keeps synchronizing data, handling queries, and transmitting transaction requests to the Proxy Nodes.
  • High

    Avg. response time: 2 millisecond
    RPC calls per day: 20 million
    API uptime: 99.9%
  • Data

    Application of layers to ensure that every blockchain request brings consistent results.
  • Full-range

    Technical guides, engineering support, fully customizable SLAs based on your team’s needs.

Apps running on our nodes

Krosslab's RPC service has been an essential component of our operations, as it has effectively managed our high volume of users and requests, while also providing us with the reliable and efficient technical support we needed.


Director of Engineering of Kaikas team
  • Enhanced


    Explore the rich data of the Web3 world and accelerate your business growth with our suite of enhanced APIs, eliminating the complexity and costs associated with data processing operations.
  • Rich

    Our API package lets you get all the information about NFT, Stats and various data at service level.
  • Multi-

    Enable you to use the same API to build application without worrying about cross chain compatibility.
  • High

    Super fast with the latest data and 99.9%+ uptime to serve millions of users.

Most Popular APIs


    NFT Holder

    NFT Holder API makes it easy to retrieve the number of holders of an NFT token and its metadata.
  • Account API

    Token Balance

    In a single API call, this method returns the token balances for a given address, just like the balance in a wallet app.
  • Transfer API

    Token Transfer

    Token Transfer Events API helps you to get the list of token transfers history for a given address.

Use Case

  • Klaytn finder utilizes our Chain, NFT Tokens, Transaction Receipts, and other API endpoints to provide various Web3 data.
As an interchain NFT platform, the Havah team chose Krosslab's data service as a Klaytn ecosystem partner. The diversity of NFT data and service stability were the most important factors in our decision and Krosslab's data service exceeded our expectations and we are glad we made the choice.

Glory L.

Director of Havah Project
  • Web3


    Powerful analytics built by a team with experience in large-capacity data processing. Arm your product and business with various meta data, statistics, and advanced features to make smart decisions.
  • {In-depth Insights}

    1. Userbase on-chain activity tracking
    2. Various on-chain data statistics & meta data
    3. Market trend analysis
    4. Key metrics tracking for marketing campaign
  • {Easy-to-use }

    1. Pre-built dashboards & reports
    2. Customized views
    3. Uploading & retrieval of data
    4. 3rd-party software integration
  • {High Performance}

    1. 3,000+ TPS covered
    2. Real-time data cleansing
    3. Engineering support with technical excellence
  • Explorer-as-


    Block explorer is a search engine providing users with simple, easy access to a wealth of blockchain data. we leverage our unparalleled experience in building a state-of-the-art block explorer to offer you a complete, fully-hosted and fully-managed block explorer solution.
  • Scailability

    We can provide a dedicated server for any supported blockchain by request.
  • Custom Settings

    Our team is able to set up your node as needed and add custom configuration.
  • Instant support

    Fast personal consulting for both beginners and experienced developers. 24/7.

Use Case

  • We have successfully built a block explorer customized for the MARBLEX ecosystem. It is delivered as a SaaS service and includes engineering support and maintenance.




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